An Irish Welcome

Céad Míle Fáilte friend and rover ...
Wherever you come from and whosoever you may be.
That's an Irish greeting and it means

you are welcome
a thousand times over.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Praises for Saturday of Souls

Come faithful let us glorify the many fathers
Who lived the ascetic life in holiness!
Brethren, let us praise with one accord,
In hymns inspired by god
The hierarchs of Christ who lived in fasting and abstinence,
Showing us plainly the gospel of Christ.
Let us sing also the praises of the holy and glorious women:
All those who bore god in their hearts!
Out of love for him, let us follow their way of life,
That in the world to come we may receive remission of our sins!

Come, brethren, let us praise and glorify
Those who shone forth in the ascetic life!
Here on earth they lived in holiness and righteousness;
Now they are translated in joy to eternal life.
In virtue and holiness they ran the straight course
Leading to the eternal blessings of the world to come.
Let us give them rightful honour,
That through their intercessions
We may obtain mercy, eternal joy and glory from God,
And escape unending punishment in the future life!

Choir of hierarchs and assembly of the righteous
With the ascetics and holy women who lived in godliness:
We pray that you will intercede with the lord
The only good and merciful one,
That he may have compassion on us.
May we be delivered at your prayers, o Saints,
From condemnation in the age to come,
And rejoice to all eternity in the blessedness of heaven,
Crying out with ceaseless hymns of praise to the giver of life!

Come, faithful! Let us celebrate today a solemn feast:
The memorial of the saints, hierarchs and ascetics,
Together with the martyrs and holy women.
They despised all that is passing and corruptible,
Seeing it as no more than refuse or a spider's web,
That they might gain Christ and his kingdom,
And enjoy the blessings no eye has seen or ear ever heard!
At their prayers, o god, deliver our souls from corruption!

Glory … Tone 6

The sound of your teachings has gone out into all the earth,
Venerable fathers!
Therefore you have found the reward of your labors in the heavens.
You destroyed the hosts of demons
And reached the ranks of angels whose life you blamelessly followed!
Since you have boldness before Christ our God,
Entreat peace for our souls!

Now and ever... Tone 6

Theotokos, You are the true vine who blossomed for us the fruit of life:
Implore him, we pray you, lady,
Together with the apostles and all the saints,
That he will have mercy on our souls!

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