An Irish Welcome

Céad Míle Fáilte friend and rover ...
Wherever you come from and whosoever you may be.
That's an Irish greeting and it means

you are welcome
a thousand times over.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A modern day Creed for Orthodoxy

Orthodoxy is Buddhist (Enlightened - hence Christians means Enlightened Ones), but not Eastern occult Buddhism.
Orthodoxy is Islam (Islam means Submission to God) but not Mohammadean/Muslim.
Orthodoxy is Jehova's Witnesses/Martyric, but not false witnesses and false 'profit$$$';
Orthodoxy is Charismatic, but not Pentecostal and pseudo-charismatic.
Orthodoxy is Evangelical but not Protestant; Orthodox, but not Jewish;
Catholic, but not Roman; and is not non-denominational, but is PRE-DENOMINATIONAL.
* * *

Orthodoxy is the ancient Faith in Modern Age (unto the ages of ages), but not New Age.
Orthodoxy is filled with spiritual Joy, but not Hedonistic (sinful pleasures of flesh).

* * *
Proclaiming The Truth since Christ.
Orthodoxy is the One Holy and Catholic and Apostolic Church; 
the Body of Christ: The Ark of Salvation.

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