An Irish Welcome

Céad Míle Fáilte friend and rover ...
Wherever you come from and whosoever you may be.
That's an Irish greeting and it means

you are welcome
a thousand times over.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

003 - Humility - Humiliation and Humi-limit-ation, the process of setting boundaries for oneself!

All of our actions should be 'measured' or moderate, never in excessive or extreme but balanced. The importance of setting boundaries are significant. Limitation, and moderation in our discipline to others, is connected with the respect for the other person; one is neither called to 'betray oneself' nor to wound another in this moderation, but to be generous to our bodies and gentle towards others.

This is why Our Church encourages her community to have personal self-discipline and discipline imposed by another (eg Spiritual Father) since these two are interconnected. When individual limits are prescribed in this manner then we may attain a full measure of the stature of Christ (cf Eph. 4:13).

Paradoxically (Mt 18:3), one is called not to increase in spiritual complexity or appearance, but to decrease in the direction of simplicity to 'come to the measure of a child,' and to reach the dimensions of an infant. This childlike mentality, holy innocence, provides the key to the heavenly kingdom and holds the secret to spiritual direction. Deriving essentially from God - the efficacy of spiritual direction depends on the innocent trust of the disciple and the wisdom of the elder and depends more on the faith and obedience of the disciple, than on the power or charisma of the elder.

So, if we Orthodox limit ourselves, under the direction of a Spiritual father, it is in order to 'liberate our conscience'. This is the meaning of obedience in the spiritual life and it is a privelege to be able to submit to someone else in order to discover the limitless space of freedom.

This is the way of the cross and the way to follow in the footsteps of the Lord.

To Be Continued.

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